Let’s talk telephone number…


If you have your own business, whether it just be you or you and a small team, the chances are you will only have one telephone number. That number will more than likely be a local number. But just because you are based in Boston, it doesn’t mean you have to have a Boston area code, nor do you have to have a Peterborough area code if you’re based in Peterborough, and so on.

Being able to have a telephone number with an area code of your choice can be extremely beneficial for companies looking to begin targeting a new geographical area. Customers are always inclined to trust a local business. So give your business that local look!

85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses

Can you really afford not to have a ‘local’ telephone number in the cities that you are looking to sell your product/service in?

You can get a telephone number with an area code of your choice for as little as £32 a month at Venture Offices. This is less than the cost of BT business line rental and remember this price also includes call answering in your company name. So, whether you’re based in Scunthorpe and want a London telephone number, or based in Nottingham and looking for a Bristol number, we can make it happen.

Find out more about how you can get your hands on the telephone number your business needs by either giving us a call on 01205 809 222 or requesting a call back.