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Telephone Numbers

It goes without saying that being contactable by possible new customers is one of the key requirements of any successful business. Many small businesses have a least two telephone numbers they can be contacted on, the home or office phone or their mobile.
If they are away from the phone or out of mobile reception no problem, the answer phone or voicemail will take a message. So no problem there then,right?

Telephone numbersWRONG

According to survey data collected by J2 Global the number of new customers that WILL NOT leave a message is a staggering


To put it simply you are missing the opportunity to talk to nearly 2/3 of your prospective customers.

If the thought of missing this amount of new business doesn’t concern you just hit Home, if it does read on.

Venture offices can offer your business telephone numbers for anywhere in the country. The telephone will be answered by a genuine human being in your company name. Not an automated response or e receptionist. Our team will then take the callers details and the enquiry and forward this to you by whichever means suits you best. Not only is this service great for small businesses but also for larger businesses testing the market in a new area.


Venture offices business telephone numbers start from as little as £10.00 a month.

That is nearly £8.00 cheaper than BT’s line rental alone.

But remember not only do you get your unique business telephone number, you also get all your telephone calls answered professionally by one of our trained members of staff.

Never miss an important telephone call again and reach that 62% of customers you are missing.

Order your business telephone number right away