The Rise Of Remote Working – How Organisations Can Reap The Benefits

The rise of remote working has been phenomenal this year. Whilst some businesses are starting to return to normal, there is still a high percentage of people working from home. The pandemic has completely changed the world of work, and things probably won’t go back to how they were before in the world of business. Many organisations have had to create innovative ways to allow their staff to work from home, putting in new processes to implement this. For some organisations who have been unable to trade from home, the generous support from the government has allowed them to look at ways to diversify their business.

Survival mode has well and truly kicked in, and those businesses who are starting to come out of the other side are those who have innovated. We have seen people turning their Gin Distilleries into a hand sanitiser production lines, targeting new markets, and restaurants offering takeaway services.

Continuity Plans

Overnight, many businesses have had to review their current operations and ask themselves the following questions:

  • Can we continue to trade?
  • Do we have enough staff?
  • Can we afford to pay our staff?
  • Do our staff have the right equipment to work from home?

Training and preparation have really come into play when dealing with this crisis. The majority of organisations simply weren’t prepared for the rapid impact that Coronavirus would have, and time was not anyone’s side. The businesses which have had the most success acted fast, and tackled the immediate challenges. They adapted to home working very early on, and maximised the benefits of this long-term change.

Remote Working

Many organisations have been forced to review their internal structures. This includes when people work, where people work, what people do, and who is employed. In order to financially survive this pandemic, some businesses have completely changed their operating model.

Home Working does not suit everyone. Some really enjoy the flexibility to plan their work around other commitments. However, others enjoy the boundaries, routine and social interaction that an office space provides. Virtual offices combine the best of both worlds: you can virtually use the services typically found in a traditional office, whilst not physically working there.

The Possibilities Of Agile Working

Many studies in to remote working have been carried out throughout the pandemic. Increased levels of productivity have been reported , in part due to employees being given more freedom to work during hours that suit them. A Stamford University study saw a huge 13% increase in productivity, and employees also reported an increase in work satisfaction.

Some of the benefits businesses have seen during the pandemic include cost savings resulting from business closures, reduced sickness absence, and increased use of automated processes. Those businesses who have been quick to transition to homeworking have been able to reap the benefits more quickly. Having an agile approach is key. Not everybody is comfortable with the rise of remote working. This way of working does not suit everybody so consultation and communication is key.

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