Selling on ebay, thinking of selling on ebay?

selling on ebay

Selling on Ebay is a great way to produce a first or second income and many are doing it, but how do you maximise your sales and stand out from the crowd?

There are many things you need to consider; your product, your price, your sales message and even making sure you comply with all ebay’s different rules. Having done all that, what else do you need to do to ensure your product is the one that ends up being purchased?

Well, research shows that after picking a product the next two things buyers look for is your Buyer Feedback and your trading details.

Selling on Ebay –  here is something you need to know.


A staggering 46% of shoppers on Ebay use Google street view to find out where a business is trading from.

If you’re selling on ebay from your home you run the risk of losing your prospective buyer because they can see you are trading from a residential address not a proper business address. This is where our Virtual Office packages can help boost your sales. With a Virtual Office Package from Venture Offices they will see that you are a serious business with a proper trading address, trading from a prestigious grade 2 listed building. However if you want to protect your Buyer Feedback as well why not consider a complete package that as well as giving you your registered business address also includes your own phone number with all calls answered in your business name. Great for dealing with any customer queries, handling any returns you might have or simply giving your customers the confidence that if they have a problem there is somebody to talk to.

So if you are selling on ebay from your home, view things with the buyers eyes then answer this question.

Selling on ebay -Which business would you buy from?

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