Making your Business Digital

2020 has been a funny old year, that’s for sure. The pandemic has lead to global lockdowns, and businesses of all sizes have been affected. Whilst some have managed to pivot and adapt their product offering to an ever-changing market, others have been left behind and are struggling or have indeed failed. One thing that has really come to light is the importance of making your business digital if at all possible. Let’s have a look into this in further detail. We will look at existing businesses as well as brand new ones. Let’s start with new ones.

Starting a new business

Whilst you may be thinking, surely now isn’t a good time to start a new business, is any time really going to be the right time? Here are the reasons why now is the time to create a company that can be managed entirely online:

Lots of time on our hands

Whilst some people are still working, there are still those that are furloughed and stuck at home. Why not use this as an opportunity to create a business plan and become more cost-effective?

Save money and time

If you don’t have a regular stream of income from a job at the moment because you have been laid off, the best way to create value and save money is to run a digital business. By taking the time to lay the foundations now, this will put you in good stead for the future.

Preparing for another lockdown

Of course, none of us wants to find ourselves in a situation where we are in total lockdown again and again. But sadly that isn’t to say it won’t happen. The only way you can ensure your business is not affected is if it can be managed digitally. Meaning you can run it from anywhere in the world.

It will take time

Your new business isn’t going to be operational overnight, it is going to take some time to build up. If you put in the work now, by the time things are returning to the ‘new normal’, you will have a new business ready for the emerging market.

Restructuring your existing business

Are you currently running a business that is struggling? Now may be a good time to streamline your operations and increase efficiency. Making your business digital will definitely help with that. One major thing you can do here is to reduce the cost of your administration. Have you considered having a virtual office where there is the option to include call answering in your company name, mail handling and forwarding, and other administrative tasks?

Now may also be a good time to review your office rental agreement. At the beginning of the pandemic, there were loans handed out by the Government. These helped businesses survive the initial few months of lockdown. What if you reduced this expense entirely though, and ran your digital business from a virtual office? With the added benefit of having a registered business address included within virtual office packages, this will help your business to look professional from the outset.

In addition to our virtual office packages, we can help you convert your existing shop to a virtual one. Using our specialist team will be a lot cheaper than you think.

Now really is the time to take your business online, particularly if you are seeing a reduced footfall within your physical shop. If you would like more information about how our virtual office packages can help to support your business, or need a virtual shop please contact us on 01205 809 222 or email